Dr Ian Town

Health Precinct Advisory Council (NZ)

9:20 AM INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The Christchurch Health Precinct - Lessons from the 2011 Earthquakes

Te Papa Hauora (Health Precinct) will provide a purpose-designed hub for health education, research and innovation, linking the health system with industry to commercialise health technology, products and services. Led by an Advisory Council (a partnership of leading tertiary health and education providers), the focus includes enabling innovation and new ways of working, designing facilities to withstand seismic activity, and ensuring a more strategic approach contributes to improved health outcomes.
Reflections will include:
  • An overview of key strategic themes such as the development of innovative training and education initiatives; clinical simulation; and enabling research excellence as well as Health IT solutions.
  • How the Health Precinct is developing partnerships and opportunities for innovation
  • Challenges in attracting multi-national corporation health technology companies
  • Design assumptions for the built environment including the PPP relationships and seismic considerations

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: PPP Delivered Infrastructure Projects - Effective Governance and Risk Management and Innovative Delivery Models

PPP delivery models to finance major hospital projects are costing Australia billions of dollars.
However, while governments recognise the importance of investment in infrastructure to help their economies grow, achieving better risk allocation, governance and decision making in PPPs remain a critical concern. With reference to recent PPP delivered infrastructure projects, this panel will discuss the opportunities, benefits and risks of PPPs and explore alternative delivery models.

Discussion points will include:
  • Opportunities for PPPs to deliver innovative and cost effective models of care
  • How we can improve our governance and allocation of risk when engaging in PPPs to improve time and cost efficiencies
  • Exploring how the public sector and private sector providers can work together more effectively to develop approaches that may provide equitable benefits including shared risk management, value for money and innovative delivery models
  • Alternative delivery models to enhance stakeholder engagement and collaboration