Peter Söderman

Innovation Program Manager
Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden)

4:20 PM INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Challenge Conventional Healthcare Models Through Innovation and Transformative Technology

  • Innovative models of care that leverage technology to reach people where they want to be instead of bringing them into the hospital – how to treat more people in a non-hospital location
  • New AI projects like imaging recognition – with the help of machine learning, how to make it more accessible for radiologists to focus on the difficult radiology tasks
  • Exploring future prospects and testing future possibilities to increase efficiencies
  • How can we collate all the important information that we need for and during treatment?
  • How gamification plays a role in making services more effective
  • Other people are just integrating technique into design, but do they have an angle on innovation where they look to challenge the status quo and bring new future technique into the hospital?