Robyn Brigden

Senior Health Services and Facility Planner
TSA Management

12:30 PM Overcoming Commissioning Challenges To Smoothly Transition Into Your New or Redeveloped Facility

In this workshop, we will explore the challenges faced during the commissioning process. Using recent project examples and lessons learnt, we will look at reasons for commissioning success and gain an understanding of the complex interdependencies in operationally commissioning a hospital.

More extensive systems commissioning for new hospitals and major redevelopments are an effective means of identifying and addressing operational risks before patients, staff or visitors walk through the doors of a new facility.

In this session we aim to answer the question of whether patient care and other operational processes can be put through the same vigorous testing and training as technical systems.

Topics that will be discussed include:
  • Programming and planning for parallel commissioning/build processes
  • Project Governance and resourcing
  • Effective workforce planning
  • Use of advanced simulation techniques
  • Use of go/no go surveys
  • Effective MME Integration