Dr Simon Woods

Executive Director
Cabrini Malvern

10:00 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Future Prospects for Healthcare Provision

Changing patterns of disease and improvements in medical and communications technology are contributing to the momentum for a new approach in the design of hospitals and delivery of health.

To ensure that the Australian healthcare system is responsive to current and future demands, this panel will discuss:
  • What’s next for healthcare and where do we see ourselves in 15-20 years?
  • Population growth – Why is it important to assess the population coming in and out of your hospitals and what can it tell you about future care delivery system needs?
  • Investing in new models of integrated care and reviewing funding models
  • Delivering the benefits of digital healthcare and avoiding costly mistakes
  • Workforce reform and the concept of workforce flexibility – continuous reassessment of skill mixes and having more responsive education and training programs


2:50 PM CASE STUDY: Designing a Healthcare Facility Around the Needs of the Complex Patient

The patient population in large private hospitals has changed substantially over the last few decades. In the past, private hospitals provided predominantly surgical services to lower complexity patients and the design of facilities reflected this.
The modern, large, private hospital, with an emergency department, has a very different clientele. They are older and have more comorbidities, particularly cognitive decline. The risk of hospitalisation in this group include falls, pressure injuries, delirium, infections and general deconditioning of the frail patient. Care is often multidisciplinary and team based.
The rise of multiresistant organisms and the resurgence of contagious diseases, with the threat of pandemics also informs modern hospital design. Patient and family expectations of healthcare and the desire to keep them involved and informed needs to be considered in designing a facility.
Finally, private hospitals need to compete against their counterparts and the well resourced public sector, by providing superior care and amenity.
This presentation describes how these factors influenced the innovative design of Cabrini Malvern’s new clinical building.