Ezispeak enhances patient directed care for non-English speakers by simplifying language access, delivering real cash benefits and equity of access using digital technologies. An emerging market leader in real-time language interpreting and translations across video, phone, web and chat, ezispeak™ makes communicating in any language, when you need it, very easy. Underpinned by secure cloud technologies, our global workforce of qualified language practitioners work with some of Australia’s most iconic organisations including ReadyCare, Bupa, Sonic and Alfred Health delivering language at the point of need. Equity and access for non-English speakers have always been real health problems but these issues are now amplified - a population which is growing and aging puts additional pressure on already scarce resources. Therefore, the task of ensuring patient safety whilst maximizing economies of scale in language services becomes more challenging given the current health services model. Ezispeak’s service model can remove up to 35% in cost and improve language access. ezispeak understands the complexity of health and by matching linguistic need with appropriate support at the point of need, this improves equity and access and reduces your cost for each occasion of service. Ezispeak’s mission is to support the digital agenda across health services ensuring there is no barrier to language access for culturally diverse communities. With communication being a vital part of patient directed care, health services need a partner they can trust to deliver highly responsive linguistic support, ensuring patient safety and quality care – an outcome ezispeak delivers every single day.

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