IntraSpace - AU
IntraSpace is dedicated to providing effective and efficient storage and office furniture solutions for all areas of healthcare.
With over 15 years’ experience in working with the Healthcare industry, IntraSpace designs high quality, compliant retro-fits, upgrades or new fit-outs that function seamlessly within the everyday demands of your space…because space is valuable
We work with public and private hospitals, medical and research facilities of all sizes. We help you to achieve sterile stock storage standards in compliance with Australian Standard AS1487, and to transform your workspace into an efficient, productive and pleasant environment.
Take the initiative in the fight against Infection!
At IntraSpace, we enjoy a track record of superior customer service, OH & S compliance, environmental awareness and attention to detail. Our space planning solutions incorporate knowledge across international market trends. Our product range demonstrates an emphasis on quality, and features both Australian Made and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified options
 IntraMed Clinical Storage Solutions
 Wire Shelving & Baskets
 Lockers & Changeroom Joinery
 Mobile & Static Shelving
 Utility & Medical Trolleys
 Food Service – Shelving & Trolleys
 Desking & Custom Joinery
 Whiteboards & Display
 Seating
 Record Relocation
 Medical Record Storage
 Filing & Archiving Systems
 Storage Fitout for Government, Education & Healthcare

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