NeoProducts Pty Ltd

NeoProducts Pty Ltd
NeoProducts has been developing and manufacturing self-service terminals for 30 years. Through the supply of over 70,000 terminals, we developed the proven skills and capacity to produce interactive self-service devices to the reliability, scale and performance levels of the most demanding projects.  
We maintain a highly skilled technical team consisting of project managers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, software engineers and production management and procurement staff. 
Neo’s design and manufacturing skills have been pivotal in many areas of healthcare service provision. Be it delivering health information to remote indigenous communities, hospital registration kiosks, in-ward HR systems, non-invasive blood testing, secure, temperature controlled drug storage and dispensing; or a comprehensive self-check kiosk that allows customers to keep a running history of their basic vitals by testing heart rate, weight, BMI and blood pressure; Neo has been called on to develop unique solutions. 
Neo is unique in that it combines strong electromechanical design and manufacturing experience and substantial production capacity within the one operational entity. Our skills encompass in-house capabilities in industrial design, hardware and software product development and manufacturing, each of which is offered as a commercial service to both systems integrators and end-user customers alike.
NeoProducts is based in Melbourne Australia.

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Website: http://neoproductsgroup.com/